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Mother's Day
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The Importance of grieving


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Mother's Day

A mother is not defined by the number of children you can see, but by the love she holds in her heart. ~Francesca Cox

Honoring your Parenthood By: Rose Carlson, Program Director, National Share Office
I had my fourth miscarriage in April 1993; it rocked me to my core and brought me to my knees. That loss, more so than the previous three, left my heart completely shattered, and my hope, well, gone. Gone forever, I thought back then. Mother’s Day that year, just a few weeks later, was so incredibly painful, and I had not been expecting that.


From Francesca Cox -- Wildfeathers Wellness

A mindful way to practice self-care.

"Take a few moments in a place alone, with music and maybe candles and few electronic distractions. Allow your mind to find silence and thinking time. What is that you need? What things are you drawn to in this season of life? What types of music fill your needs? Who do you love to spend time with, if anyone? Are there places that mend your heart? Activities? Books? TV shows?"

Make a list of what you need to not just survive, but

The Importance of grieving

Grieving your child


This article struck me because it talks about "Just an ordinary miscarriage."  No miscarriage is ordinary. 

Honoring your child

Is there something you collect to remember your child by? A symbol that instantly makes you think of them? Do you have a place in your home dedicated to your child? Please feel free to share with us your symbols and/or space on the Facebook group page, or on Instagram and use #ChoosingYourBreath so we can find you!
If you are up for art journaling this week you can paste some pictures in your art journal from magazine or newspaper clippings in page or two. Fill these pages up with symbols, things, colors, places or anything that make you instantly think of your child.
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