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The "fit" between a client and a therapist is all important. I believe that much of the healing takes place through the relationship we develop. I firmly believe that challenges can present one with a unique opportunity to really look at oneself and grow.

My style will vary depending on the needs of the client. I will...

  • Use an eclectic orientation

  • Focus on the your individual needs

  • Pay close attention to your whole person -- emotional, physical and spiritual

  • Have deep respect for your journey

  • Support you in addressing life's challenges

  • Provide you with a safe place to explore and build coping skills

  • Hold the hope and the belief that you can reach your full potential

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I am committed to the belief that no person should be denied psychotherapy for financial reasons. Please contact me to learn about my fee schedule.

Client Comments

"Andie created a safe place for me to grieve the death of our first child. Her warmth and empathy helped me move through the grief into healing."

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