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Walk for Pre-eclampsia/Field of Cradles Exhibit

I am passing along this information about a special walk coming up on July 24th.  It is to raise money and awareness about pre-eclampsia and the babies who die as a result of it.   

I was given this information by a client whose child died due to pre-eclampsia.  As we all know this disease is not only dangerous to the unborn child but can also be quite traumatic for the mother and father.

Accompanying the walk will be an amazing exhibit called “Field of Cradles”.  <

“Dear family and friends, On July 24, 2011 we will walk in memory of our sweet little boy who died in January 2010 from the consequences of premature birth. He was born by emergent c-section at 26 weeks, because I had developed severe preeclampsia and pregnancy was no longer safe for me or him. We will walk to remember all babies lost to preeclampsia and the consequential life-long pain and grieve that so many families have to live with. We will walk to help find a cause and cure. To this day there is no known cause for pre-eclampsia, and birth remains the only “cure”.  A lot more research is needed to find what causes pre-eclampsia and how to cure it once diagnosed. Please join our team (Remembering Henry) and walk with us on Sunday, July 24. If you can’t come in person, you can also help by funding our walk.  Your contribution does not have to be substantial, but every amount matters to fight this disease and the grieve it brings! Click here to find more information about the Promise Walk for Pre-eclampsia and to sign up or how to donate!  <

> The walk will end at the Field of Cradles <

>  exhibit, a traveling exhibit that was created by five Brown/RISD students in collaboration with 23 mothers and families from throughout the USA to raise awareness of pre-eclampsia by remembering the thousands of babies lost each year to this and related conditions.  One of the cradles is dedicated to our son. If you know somebody who would be interested to join the Boston Promise Walk and create their own team, please let them know about it.”

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